About Our Company
Power Up USA is a 5013c organization dedicated to closing the digital divide by providing technology, media, and life skills to underserved communities, churches, and the media arts communities. As one of the oldest non-profit organizations closing the digital divide in North Carolina, we believe that access to technology is a basic human right. Everyone should have equal opportunities to acquire the skills necessary to thrive in the digital world. Our organization offers a wide range of technology training programs and resources to help individuals, families, and communities acquire the skills they need to succeed in today's digital landscape.
Our Experience

Power Up USA is the leader in providing Digital transformation to individuals and organization across the North Carolinas. With over 30 years of industry experience and closing the digital divide, Power Up USA brings real world applications into every program we offer. Nominated by the Mayor of Charlotte as "Mentor organization of the year" for the digital work provided in Mecklenburg County. 

Power Up USA is a Northstar approved location

Northstar was developed in response to the needs of job seekers who may lack the digital literacy skills needed to seek, obtain, and retain employment, as well as to perform other tasks in daily life. Northstar allows end users to freely take the assessments from anywhere via our homepage, but individuals can instead go to an approved Northstar location and obtain the Northstar Digital Literacy Certificate when they pass assessments. Certificates provide an important credential for gaining employment,  

Our Latest Projects

PowerUp USA has partnered with the Charlotte Black Film Festival in order to expose youth to acting, filmmaking and the writing process. Over 40 students participated during the festival and took part in the film screenings and after screening Q and A. 

Digital Divide: The technology gap by Race/Ethnicity - Pew Research Center data

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Coding for the Web @ University of North Carolina Charlotte (UNCC)

Gaming & Coding Program

YSA Global Youth Day


Power UP USA and Youth Service America believes that youth, communities, and our democracy thrive when we all work together for the common good. Our mission is to activate young people, ages 5-25, to find their voice, take action, and acquire powerful civic and 21st Century skills as they solve problems facing their communities.  Youth-led projects use Awareness, Service, Advocacy, and Philanthropy (LeadASAP) strategies to create social and environmental change. Sign up for our youth Townhall here.

Digital Senoirs Program

Digital Literacy Program

Digital Movie Making Camp @ Hickory Grove Library

Year-Round Digital Saturdays @ Studio Movie Grill & UNCC

Historic West End Digital Movie Making Program

Computer Tech Program @ Johnson C. Smith University